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Registration Information:

The Whole School registration process begins on March 1 for returning students.  

New Student Enrolment:

Registration for new families begins on April 1.  Positions are granted providing space is available and whether or not the child’s needs can be met by our school.  Students must turn 5 by December 31 of the year enrolled in order to qualify for the government portion of the funding.  There is an automatic 6 week trial period for all new students.


New student registration fee OR late re-registration fee 

(after April 1)

$50.00 per child
(This fee is due and cashed at the time of enrolment and is non-refundable.)


TUITION – BC Residents


Full time Kindergarten/Primary/Intermediate — $4,340 per year ($434/month, over 10 months)

Half time Kindergarten – $2,170 per year ($217/month, over 10 months)

Outdoor Leadership Program Fee (Fridays) – $395 per year ($39.50/month, over 10 months)

Supply Fee – $305 per year ($30.50/month, over 10 months)

Total Fees for full time students- $5,040 per year ($504/month, over 10 months)


TUITION – Non-BC residents: ( students ineligible for BC Ministry of Education funding)

Full day Kindergarten/Primary/Intermediate —  $4,340 + $6,033 ( gov’t portion) = $10,373 per year

Outdoor Leadership Program Fee (Fridays) – $395 per year ($39.50/month, over 10 months)

Supply Fee – $305 per year ($30.50/month, over 10 months)

Total Fees – $11,073 per year ($1,107.30/month, over 10 months)


Fees to be paid either in full or by monthly Direct Deposit – bank forms will be requested to finalize registration. 


$2,170 per year for first sibling / $1,085 per year for second sibling/ $542.50 for the third sibling and fourth child is free.  

OLP & Supply fees are required for each child. 


Families can apply for Work Trade positions to ease financial strain of tuition fees, covering a portion or up to full tuition fees. Work Trade is a wonderful way to be a part of the Whole School community and Work Trades are integral for the successful functioning of the school. For more information on the types of positions and what it could look like for your family, contact the School Coordinator. 


  • Tuition and fees differ for students whether they are attending a half-time Kindergarten program or full-time Kindergarten.  

  • Tuition for second child is half price, third child is one quarter, and fourth child is free!  

  • Tuition costs can be adjusted through involvement with the school. 

  • As with most elementary schools, The Whole School relies on the contributions of its parent body to ensure a thriving, creative environment for the students.


Please contact our School Coordinator to receive an introductory package and admission application.  For those wishing to enrol, please submit your admission application as early as possible.

Registration begins April 1.  We encourage a class visit be arranged to help the parents and the principal/ staff determine the suitability of the school for the student.

For more information, please contact the School Coordinator.


PHONE: (250) 226-7737


School Hours: Mon-Thu 8:45 am – 3:15 pm

Office hours: Tues-Thu 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

The Whole School

5614 Highway #6

P.O. Box 240

Winlaw, BC, V0G 2J0

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