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How & why mask wearing wasn't mandated for The Whole School

Updated: Jun 22

The Whole School largely remained an unchanged learning space for students throughout this school year. Due to the nature of our school's environment - outdoor learning most of each week, small class sizes (less than 15 students per teacher), and multi-ages in one classroom together - students have not been mandated to wear masks. The Whole School pedagogical roots have a long history of alignment with the logic of outdoor learning, small class sizes, and multi-age classrooms. The school was lucky in that it did not need to change the program much to adapt.

Missing being together

The main part of the program that Whole School families have been missing is the time we all spend together - parents, extended family, students, and staff. This is where our usual became unusual and, as with everyone worldwide, it has been difficult to adjust to being kept outside the school yard and classrooms, not being able to host seasonal events, and having to limit parent participation on Outdoor Leadership Program Fridays and field trips.

We are so grateful

The silver lining at The Whole School has been that during a time when many parents have found themselves deliberating about having their children wear masks all day in school and some have chosen to keep their children home, The Whole School has been an oasis. Student safety is always priority - teachers wear masks and use shields where necessary, the morning greeting and farewell with students moved from the classroom to the school yard gate, there is extra cleaning, among other measures. However, the students have had a safe space to play and learn without much of the stress of the covid-19 pandemic seeping in.

The environment here at The Whole School remains homelike and friendly. Call and make an appointment if you think our school might be a fit for your children or fill out our admissions application.


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