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The Whole School volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of community members, some of whom are alumni parents, and parents of current students. 


This amazing group of volunteers has been the backbone of The Whole School’s development since its inception in 1973.


The Whole School is so grateful for the donation of time, expertise, and great wisdom that our Board offers.  These folks meet monthly to support our staff in integral ways, set goals, and vision for the future.  We could not do our work without you!

Introducing the Whole School Board:


Lilah Precious is a parent at The Whole School and an alumni student. She is a mother of two children and wishes for both to spend their elementary years at the school. Lilah is an Early Childhood Educator and is very passionate about supporting children to thrive as healthy, strong, vibrant members of our world. Her experience with alternative education has fostered a strong belief in the incredible benefits of the Whole School community. 


Jessica Coonen’s four children, and herself, have been involved with the Whole school since 2011.  She has been a director since 2013. Her eldest child graduated from High School one year ahead of their class and has been accepted to the Vancouver Film School!  The Whole School’s emphasis on connection, education, and growth sparked Jessie’s initial trust and enthusiasm; her ability to be involved in the school nurtured her trust and commitment to the school community.  Jessie’s intention as a director is to listen with an open heart and clarify sustainable goals.


Natalie Sawyer is a community member, Registered Nurse, coach, parent, animal lover, and outdoor enthusiast. You can find Natalie playing with her family in the mountains year round or working on her homestead (with pigs, chickens, garden, dog and cats). To thrive in a world that is changing exponentially, we need education that inspire students to innovate, find purpose, love learning, critically think and make an impact now. She believes the Whole School is this education and she is excited to be a part of it.


Peggy Frith is a community member and long time supporter of The Whole School since 2005.  She passionately believes in the The Whole School’s approach to alternative education and has brought her expertise as a fire fighter into the school for many years.  Peggy brings humour, creativity, and her experience as a small business owner/operator to her role.  


Brett Pope is a Whole School Parent and has been around for awhile, so he knows some things. He's creative and has good at adulting- he runs his own business making counter tops. 


Shara Cooper is a new parent at the Whole School. She brings with her experience as a journalist and in public relations. She lives in Castlegar and works as an editor and writer. Shara is interested in building community, sustainability, communicating through storytelling, and instructional design. She's excited to be a part of the Whole School community. 

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