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HOLIDAY TURKEYS - Gobble, Gobble

HOLIDAY TURKEYs: Looking for a bird for your holiday feast? The Whole School is selling Hutterite

turkeys and chickens that are BC certified, free range, and antibiotic free. They are all natural birds—no steroids, no hormones, and their all vegetable feed was grown by the Hutterites.

They are $5/lb ($1/lb goes to The Whole School) ~

Chickens—4 to 6 lbs, Small turkeys—10 to 14 lbs, Large turkeys—15-19 lbs

We try to get everyone around the weight they are asking for, but due to the nature of this process we can’t guarantee size. The Thanksgiving birds this year turned out to be bigger than expected, but some years the birds have been smaller.

The birds will be frozen and available for pick up the week before Christmas. Actual pick up date and time will be finalized closer to the date.

Rachelle is organizing orders via email -

Thank you to those who contributed to our Thanksgiving Turkey fundraiser. We raised over $1000 for the school! Extra special thanks to those beautiful birds, the hands that raised them, and those who helped bring them to the table.

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