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Ready, Set, Learn! #3 - Celebrating Diversity

At the Whole School, we embrace diversity and acknowledge that all of us are different and special in our own way. I believe this helps our students respect each other and prevents bullying behaviours that frequently occur in schools. We love our differences and respect how special and unique we all are. This perspective is evident toward gender identity, pronouns, ethnicity, age, spiritual beliefs, clothing, likes/dislikes, skills, and mental and physical abilities.

Come join me in learning about how differences can be celebrated!

Listen to Sparkle Boy by Lelea Newan here:

Listen to Red: A Crayon's Story by Michael Hall

Listen to Frederick by Leo Lionni

Listen to The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy

Listen to Mixed: An Inspiring Story About Colour by Arree Chung

For your activity this week, encourage your child to draw a picture using as many colours as possible. Have them count and name the colours too! This could be as simple as going for a forest walk and identifying all the colours first or even having them describe the sounds they hear while walking in the forest and think of colours to match the sounds.

Let's sing some songs!

I Can Sing a Rainbow:

So Many Colours, So Many Shapes:

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