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Valentine's at Mama Sita's

Feb 14th – what a great way to spend Valentine’s! 

For the past couple of weeks the Whole School kids have been working on their art work – a mixed media representation on the theme of Love.  This was their chance to create a visual representation of what “love” means to them.  Each art piece has been put up on the walls of Mama Sita’s and includes a write up of what they were capturing with their art piece; what inspired them and how they put it together.  Some amazing and profound insights and real artistic talent.  The kids and families in attendance that night at Mama Sita’s also performed a few songs they had worked on during their Christmas production. 

It was a packed venue and I’m certain the audience can attest – it was tons of fun!

Come out to Mama Sita's to see them while they are on display!

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