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Whole School Generosity Project

The Whole School is an amazing little alternative school and magical spot. We are a small class

that is a part of a vibrant, interconnected community. A community which we would like to support and give back to.

As a part of our school program each year, the students participate in a creating and carrying out a generosity project. This project acts as a way of recognizing and developing the important value of unselfish giving.

Generosity can come in many forms - giving of our time, our attention, empathy and compassion, or our possessions. Generosity is often about taking note of and doing the little things that let others know you care.


year, things have to look a little different for us, and we have been brainstorming ways of giving back to our community while still keeping everyone safe.

We would love to both support our local food bank and those who are in need, and also to send out some wonderfully creative cards, notes, and letters to those who might be feeling as if they would love a little colourful gift in the mail from us.

If you are able to donate to the Slocan Valley Food Cupboard via our campaign, we will happily sen

d you (or the person of your choice) a lovely gift through the mail full of colour, kind words, and the magic of our kiddo's creative and giving hearts.

Please help us send our generosity out into the world by clicking on the link below!!

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