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School Music Workshop

The Whole School students created and sang a song facilitated and mixed by  Kosmic T, Tanin Shunter.

The project was fun, challenging, fulfilling and we are amazed by the results!

Kosmic T is a professional recording artist, founder of Kootenay Rites Of Passage  and has had the honour of mentoring youth in the Kootenays for over 10 years. Individual and group sessions are available and if you are up to supporting local artists get in touch!

This project was supported by an Artists in the Classroom grant disbursed by ArtStarts in Schools and funded by the Province of British Columbia and the BC Arts Council. Thank you for your support ArtStarts in Schools!

Ultimately, a BIG THANK YOU goes to the Whole School teachers for helping the students continue to learn and grow.

This is the kind of learning that kids hold on to and cherish all their lives!


Sacred earth protects and nurtures everyone

Fills us with beautiful dreams that have just begun

From a seed comes a tree

It teaches us how to be

We are the voice of the forest

The voice of the sky,

The voice of the water as it flows on by

We protect nature

We stand for the trees,

They give us the air that we need to breath

We are all connected

In mother nature’s heart

All my relations is where we start


Stars, sky, sun and moon

Protect the trees and the plants that bloom

The trees are our elders

The trees are our friends

They offer us shelter and

They offer us breath


Trees, trees protect the trees,

Love to forest, go to the chorus

Trees, trees, protect the trees,

Our mother nature, we gotta save the…

Trees trees protect the trees,

Home of the bird, the bear and the beaver

Trees trees protect the trees,

Home of the wild, we know we need the ….

Trees, trees teach us please,

Bring the magic from the breeze

Keep the glorious animals alive

So we can keep learning how to survive

Trees, trees teach us please,

Bring the magic from the breeze

Keep the healthy forests alive

So we can once again learn to thrive

Because of global warming

The trees are burning

are we really learning

As the world keeps turning?

The ice is disappearing, it’s all melting down,

The ocean levels rising, taking the town

Mass extinction happening, like never before

The animals are leaving us more and more

What can we do to save mother earth?

Feel in our hearts what it’s all worth

Bridge & Chorus

Old growth forests

Beginning of the chorus

Slow down on the cutting

Takes notes from the tortoise 

Save the trees, don’t cut them down

We want to watch them grow from the ground

We need the trees they have the key

To teach us to live in harmony

Start in your heart

It’s a new story

Look to mother nature

In all her glory


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