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Yes, every child DESERVES an Outdoor Leadership Program!

Here at the Whole School, students are in the classroom four days a week – Monday through Thursday. Fridays are reserved for Outdoor Leadership Program activities. During OLPs, the students are outdoors all day at various locations throughout the West Kootenay.

The Outdoor Leadership Program is designed to provide students with an extended experiential learning opportunity with an enhanced physical education experience.

This program encourages development of the skills to help children safely explore the natural world. The program promotes self-direction, organization, challenging oneself and taking risks, and fosters self-care and collective decision making. Through this style of learning, children develop leadership, team-work skills, and the importance of taking care of the natural world.

Annual activities include biking, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, down hill skiing, skating, swimming, gymnastics indigenous place/based programming, wild crafting and local Indigenous plant education.

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